名前:櫻井 源浄   SAKURAI GENJO

Nationality : Japan


Hometown : Tokyo


Immigrant: Cebu, Kyoto, Okinawa, Atami, Shibuya, Meguro, Mauritius,Portugal,Estonia…


Thought: Earthian…


Favorite: Japanese traditional clothes (Kimono), Southen islands, island country, different culture, beautiful food and sake, to experience people, goods and services and value creation.


Hobbies: Traveling 77 countries. Marine diving in southern countries or area. Harley-Davidson trike. Pottery, DIY, study facial expression analysis, behavioral physiology, neuroscience, phycology, subconsciousness, prayer, magic and intercultural communication, and learning from real experience.Hunting gun. Japanese Sword "NIHONTOU (KATANA)"


Health: a monk who leads an ascetic life in the mountains,Interpersonal communication with 10,000 books in my library. fasting half a day, mindfulness, visiting temples, shrines and cultural facilities, breathing control, walking.trekking. Karate.Aikido man.


Area: Head of fire brigade for 20 years in business/shopping quarters in Japan, a national public servant in the special service, at present. (Holding a license to operate lifeboat. Achieving a lot of awards such as award from commissioner of Fire department.). Social welfare council part-timers. Labor service group (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Cleaning inside the Imperial Palace.)


Enter the Buddhist priesthood: Name GENJO


Rest of my life: I do rest of my life with the life skill (economy, wisdom, health), walk around earth, mature culture and places to make women beautiful with those who can harmonize in my soul I do love he nature and he family of my heart, and live my life happily.

余生 : 余生は”魂”合う方とライフスキル(経済・智慧・健康)、地球散策、大人文化、女性を美しくする場を愉しみあう。自然と心の家族を愛し、朗らかに過ごしていきます。

Respect: Henry Kouda, Gouzou Shiota, Shintarou Katsu, Tarou Okamoto, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Chiune Sugihara, Jim Rogers, Sazou Idemitsu, Son Bu, Masao Ogura, Dale Breckinridge Carnegie, Shouin Yoshida, Leonardo da Vinci, Shuji Nakamura, Archimedes, Jirou Shirasu, Helen Adams Keller, Thomas Alva Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Mitsuko Mori, Andrew Carnegie, John Lennon, Musashi Miyamoto, Osamu Tezuka, Ryuutarou Hashimoto, Napoleon Hill, Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Coco Chanel, Shakuson, the chief priest,Ryounin Tatsumi.

尊敬:ヘンリー幸田・塩田剛三・勝新太郎・岡本太郎・チャップリン・杉浦千畝・ジムロジャース・出光佐三・孫武・小倉昌男・デールカーネギー・吉田松陰・ レオナルドダビンチ・中村修二・アルキメデス・白洲次郎・ヘレンケラー・エジソン・ガンジー・森光子・アンドリューカーネギー・ジョンレノン・宮本武蔵・手塚治虫・橋本龍太郎・ナポレオンヒル・リチャードブランソン・ココシャネル・釈尊・巽 良仁 御住職。 ※敬称略

Motto: NO LIMIT. It is difficult to deal with people who do not care about their lives, fame, Who’s going to change the world? That’s outsiders, fools, youngsters and women.  yes, I’ve just never given up. Everybody besides me is my teacher. Having a samurai spirit and a merchant’s business sense. Three proofism (Theoretical, documentary and actual proof). Que sera sera. Smile!

言語:NO LIMIT. 命もいらず、名もいらず、官位も金も要らぬ人は、始末に困るものなり。 世界を変えていくのは、よそ者、バカ者、若者…そして女性。 そう、あきらめなかっただけ。 我以外、皆、我が師。 士魂商才。三証主義(理証・文証・実証)。 ケセラセラ。 笑う!