I’ve been founder, president and adviser for each business.

Intellectual property commercialization

I’m doing discovery, introduction, purchase and sale, operation, management, supporting publishing industry and conflict prevention activities of “beneficial contents”(intellectual property) for international personnel, organization and region.

International HR development, education, exchange and management business using Global standard language tests (speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar).

I’m mainly doing alliance, M&A, business succession right income development among beneficial “Intellectual property right holders”.  I also do Patent trolls measure, investigation, infringement, negotiation and contract.  (Cooperate with specialists and comply each laws)

*Intellectual property right” is global standard beneficial“special permission, designing, copyright, trademark and business model” inside and outside country.

In intellectual property nowadays produce or invest not only companies or certain regions, but also “unique individual ability” that would directly linked to success, happiness and actual profit of each life and work.

I’m working for Intellectual Property Nation, where representative people from financial world, political world, official world, academic world, professional occupation world and entertainment culture world get together, and the executive secretariat.

For the effective utilization of intellectual property right, retaining, conflict prevention I’ve recommended to use time stamp that you can prove “date, time and the content” by global standard.

I have a lot of source of earnings using intellectual property right (=personnel, organization and regional ability).




有益な知的財産権利 保持者同士のアライアンス・M&A・事業承継・権利収入開発に特化した活動をしています。アメリカ・中国・ヨーロッパ・アジア・インドなどにおけるパテントトロール対策・調査・侵害・交渉・契約などにも対応しています。(専門家と協力し、各法律遵守)





Support for starting businesses and operations in overseas

region (establishment,Operation, management, cooperation, negotiation and support in Cebu/Manila in the the Philippines and Mauritius. Application agent/representative and application contents will be done legally.  As a second opinion, I investigate personnel, organization or region and credit report business in confidential for those who worry, distrust and dissatisfy for starting business, business, investigation, going advance or cooperation.)


地域(セブマニラフィリピン国・モーリシャス国にて、設立・運営・管理・提携・交渉・支援などをいています。申請代行者も申請内容もすべて合法で行われます。 また、起業・事業・投資・進出や、提携などで不安・不信・不満のある方のセカンドオピニオンとして、個人や組織・地域の調査や与信報告事業も、秘密厳守で行っています)

Introduction of Human capital

(I proceed or introduce human capital from Cebu/Manila in the Philippines to Japan or America based on the law.  The attraction is the quality, cost and speed.  Type of industry is IT, construction, service and so on.  You can use general introduction root and also as your own scheme.  Please have a check the total cost performance from the view point o risk management balance.



Translation business

subject of translation (general e-mail, homepage, blog, SNS, books  / Japanese to English or English to Japanese / more than 12,000 works so far)

*We also have native quality translation.  Please feel free to ask us.


翻訳対象内容(一般的な電子メール・ホームページ・ブログ・SNS・書籍などを、日本語 ⇄ 英語。実績12.000翻訳以上)※さらにネイティブチェックなどの品質を求められる方の翻訳も行っております。お気軽にご相談ください。

Immigration visa

Region (Cebu/Manila, the Philippines, Portugal.  They are still cheap and have favorable terms as immigration destination.  Senior citizens who has international intention or tired of life in Japan, company owners or presidents, celebrities also secretly go to those countries and get this Visa.  If you’d like to the background, merit or demerit, please contact us.  Application agent/representative and application contents will be done legally. We’d like to reduce the number of people who has been fooled!  Even if you don’t ask for the application us, we can investigate or the application agent/representative and also tell the objective fact and the number as second opinion.  Please feel free to contact us.  (Confidential)



■Introduction of study abroad destination

For study languages in Cebu or America etc., we introduce the school for study abroad.  For those who’d like to manage or invest Philippine base online/offline school in Cebu or Manila, we also consult about language school establishment approved, purchase and sales or tie-up. (Confidential)



Language Tutor program

This is for those who doesn’t like to study with others or doesn’t like to be constrained for certain duration or place.  In overseas (Cebu and other places), you can experience English conversation class at anytime you like, anywhere you like and in your own original curriculum.  In this program, both management side and learners have experience  as “mature adult”, and the time other than studying time is free to be able to experience beauty, health and play.


学習環境において、学習者が一緒に勉強するのが苦手な方々とや、拘束時間や狭いところに詰め込まれて学習するのが苦手な人向けです。海外(セブ等)で、①自由な時間に、②自由な場所で、③自分だけのオリジナルカリキュラムで英会話を体得していただけます。 運営者も学習者も本当の大人”の経験値があり、学習時間以外は、ゆとりと美容健康と遊びを体験できるプログラムです。

■Digital Catalog Book

You can use the brand-new system for the effective advertisement, public relations, sales and actual profit for the things you’d like to sell or introduce while reducing time, budget, work, number of staff and stress.  We’re also doing discovery, introduction, purchase and sale, operation, management and supporting publishing industry of “beneficial contents”(intellectual property) for international personnel, organization and region through electronic catalog.



■Atami Onsen House

Renting whole building with natural hot spring.  It’s legal homestay style to use real estate (application, outsourcing, operation, management, purchase and sales etc.), and we made a model to activate personnel, organization and region.  Atami has more young people and foreigners nowadays.  Atami is a model region of the only one pioneer “super aging life style” in Japan (Their average age is like the average age of Japan after 20 years).  The trend of politics, economy, government office, medical, education and tourism and the attraction of nature, four seasons, hot spring, culture, history and human are gathering attention.  You can see Atami House in the official site or SNS.  Please have a try to experience this wide and deep, but mysterious space.  We’re also doing operation, purchase and sales and management of property that perform the actual profit.   “Would you like to join us if you agree us?  Our organization is run by business partnership.  Please feel free to contact us.


一棟一軒家貸切の天然温泉源泉ビル(地下1階~地上6階)。「合法民泊(旅館業法 簡易宿所)です。





日本国(安倍晋三 総理大臣)が推し進める、民泊・観光・インバウンドは、民泊宿泊業(大企業も続々と参入)が一つのキモになっています。"唯一無二"を創り出すことで、投資や地域再生コンテンツにも成果を出しています。




●累計4億人以上が使うAirbnb で、最速レベルで"スーパーホスト”に昇格
● 熱海温泉ハウスは宿泊部屋3室(100m2)で、月256万円以上を達成(宿泊単体売上のみ/地域家賃相場15万円以下)
● 連続宿泊者日数144日以上の記録(宿泊稼働率100% )
●無料宿泊仲介サイト(AirbnbやBooking.comなど)のアクセス閲覧者数、月間22,182以上を更新中 (←たった3部屋への世界各国からの熱海温泉ハウスをインターネットで確認した人の数。広告費ゼロ円。




■Business association method

You can establish business partnership that you never fail, but based on the current of the time and your strength among kind of business partnership.  We provide the know-how of operation going into the black.



■Restaurant method

Surplus management for 25 years since opening. Provide the know-how (choice of place, purchase, menu, education, management, balance sheet, Franchise etc.)



■Mastery method of English conversation

Interactive practice questions and answers and reciting method (=Gen san version, Cebu style English interactive method)

For those who are “English refugee” no matter what they do like me.

For those who study enthusiastically, but not safisfy the English learning method they tried so far (specialized books, contents, studying abroad) or can’t speak.

From the research and actual experience, I found that there are different type of “method to learn how to speak in English” as we human being has different personality, compatibility and environment.

Limited for those who has first priority to learn “English conversation in daily life and work”

English conversation, “the method to connect people all over the world”.

You can live your life even if you can’t speak English.

However, if you can communicate in English,

You’ll surely have more chance to have more encounter, fun, work, play and life.

I can prove this from my experience in Japan and overseas, and have proved replacing Roman and abacus.

This mastery method of English conversations has been established based on the research in more than 55 countries using more than 650 specialized books on language or neuroscience, hardnet contents or specialists and actual experience.

Specialists each field also cooperate for this method. (We let the participants know.)

*This mastery method of English conversation is our original method and have some reasons like limited time, so we currently provide this to the limited people.

*If you’re interested in this, please contact us from the form below.

Past job experiences (Newspaper delivery man in elementary school, part-timer at Meguro Post office in Tokyo in high school, work as a machine designer, opened real estate acknowledge by governor of Tokyo, stock and current events consultant, running restaurants and so on)


目的別英会話の対話式実践問答暗唱法(= Genさん版・セブ式対話法)














■IBC publishing director

The biggest and the greatest publishing company on Japanese culture and different cultural communication.  We positively have e-learning or seminar.

IBCパブリッシング ディレクター


◆Past job experiences (Newspaper delivery man in elementary school, part-timer at Meguro Post office in Tokyo in high school, work as a machine designer, opened real estate acknowledge by governor of Tokyo, stock and current events consultant, running restaurants and so on)


■I TEP ASIA Founder President

Main office, Cebu.  Recommending Global standard English test (5 proficiency testing that is recognized by American public institution, Official certification test for studying in 600 University in the U.S.A., J viza certification test for working or internship) for using for personnel organization, region or nation.  Comparing to other English test, you can see the specialized part or total balance.

I TEP ASIA ファウンダー プレジデント

本社セブ。国際基準の英語試験(アメリカなどの公的機関が認めている英語5技能試験・米国600大学留学への公式認定試験・就労やインターンができるためのJ viza認定試験)の個人・組織・地域・国家活用の推進事業。他の英語試験との比較をすると、特化している部分やトータルバランスが際立ちます。

E-CAT Executive Office

English test to know the conversation skill in objective indicators. (Specialized in speaking, and clarify the way to study based on the test result.)   Speaking test made by considering current Japan, educational institution and Japanese continued prosperity.  This has been a selectable tool to connect the world and Japan.

E-CAT  事務局